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Byatikrom.com.bd is an Ecommerce Marketplace  where you can find everything related to your decent trend & Many more Essential Regular using products with a suitable price range. All our products are imported from China, Thailand & India and we offer some top-class local products also. Byatikrom.com.bd always try to deliver good and qualitative products to their customers.  you can order your own desired products and connect with friends and family to share your shopping experience with them.

As the last word in all things, Byatikrom.com.bd goes beyond just being the biggest online store in Bangladesh. We want to be your companion as you take on multiple avatars and discover your own identity and personal style. we make your life a whole lot simpler also by shipping products right to your doorstep. The dream is big and we are here to walk together. After all, “Your satisfaction inspires us to move forward”


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Shamsul Haque Tower, Chawk Bazar, Dhaka 1211

Phone: 09602111220
Email: support@byatikrom.com.bd

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